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setting goals

We asked the experts "What should you do once the EatFit program is over?" Here's what they said:

  • The funny thing about goals is that you're never done. It's a process of constantly setting new goals that you want to achieve.


  • Continue to challenge yourself. Step-up the goal you are currently working on: if it's 3 days a week now, make it 4 days a week.


  • Tired of your goal? Try a new one. What do you want to accomplish? Eating more fruit? Or bench pressing 150 pounds? Set a minor goal to help you get there.


  • Set time frames so that every week or every month you add a new goal to your list. This week it could be drinking 6 glasses of water daily. Next week you could add 10 push-ups a day, and the week after, you could go jogging once a week. You get the idea.


  • Write your new goal on a post-it note or note card, and put it some place where you'll see it. The bathroom mirror, your locker, or binder, or on the TV are all good spots to start with.


  • Remember to reward yourself. Make a contract with yourself: "When I have accomplished my goal 2 weeks in a row, I will treat myself by renting the latest movie." Find some motivation and make it work for you, and track your progress so that you don't cheat yourself. Writing it on a calendar or piece of paper works fine.


  • Get others involved. Ask your mom to walk with you, your friends to try to eat more fruit with you, or your teacher to give you advice. Having friends to rely on is one key to success.

Make sure your goal has four keys to a good goal:

G - going to do - in other words, something you are going to add to your life, not subtract. If it's a bad habit like nail-biting that you want to break, then word the goal as, "I will chew sugarless gum instead of biting my nails." Get the idea? Be positive.

O - on target - when you're aiming for the target, you want to hit the bullseye. Make sure you're specific. Saying that "you want to eat better" is too general. Instead, try saying, "I will eat an apple every day."

A - attainable - can you actually achieve your minor goal, and do so in a reasonable amount of time? Make sure, or you will get discouraged.

L - link your goals - make sure your minor goal will help you reach your major goal. Drinking more juice each day will not help you to make the cheerleading team.